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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buy more birdhouses!

Don't forget, birds eat bugs, mosquitos that carry west nile virus, bird flu. Did you know that birds can eat hundreds or more insects each day? Put up birdhouses to attract birds to your yard. The more birds you attract, the more insects they can eat. Protect your family and pets from insects by installing birdhouses. NOW IS ALWAYS THE TIME TO PUT UP BIRDHOUSES!!
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Don't forget, buy more birdhouses!.......

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spanish Mission Birdhouse

SPANISH MISSION BIRDHOUSE Another broken tile over wood with grout,

a large birdhouse and a great price for the size. Front doors slide open for clean out, a unique feature. Birds entrance hole is made into the sliding doors. A great deal at only $35 available for pickup at shop or local delivery.


Large Tile Church Birdhouse


Here's a great birdhouse that will go great on your porch for decoration and/or bird nesting. It's made of our regular wood and covered with broken tile and grout. Can be put outside but will be better decorating your porch or indoors. Large and roomy, over 14 inches high, about 10 inches wide by about 14 inches deep. Only one of these available, truly a keepsake for years to come.

$35 can be picked up at shop or delivered locally. LARGE BROKEN TILE WHITE CHURCH


Choice of white wood or wood covered with logs, both nice churches to put outside for your birds. Over 12 inches high, plenty of room for your bird family.

$20 available for pickup at shop or local delivery



NOTE: Did you know putting up a birdhouse in your yard can be very beneficial in different ways? Putting up your new birdhouse from the Redneck Boutique will attract birds that will help control the bug population in your yard and house area, as well as provide you with the opportunity to watch them fly and to hear them sing.

Purple People Eater


Another nice birdhouse to put up for the kids or grandkids to watch as well as watching it yourself. About 8 inches high, your birds will love coming home to their new home.

$10 available for pickup at the shop or local delivery

Green Eyed Monster Bridhouse

Presenting.....The Green Eyed Monster birdhouse. Here's a great one to put up in the yard for the kids or grandkids to watch and learn from. And, hey, if you are still a kid at heart, you can enjoy it too. About 8 inches high, another good deal for only $10 2011GREENEYEDMONSTER available for pick up at the shop or local delivery.

Red Door Inn

More Birdhouses...Welcome to the "Red Door Inn" Just looking for something simple for your bird friends? Here's a cute, but simple birdhouse suitable for any yard. Red black and grey in color, about 8 inches high, a great deal for only $10, pickup at the shop or local delivery. #2011RedDoor Inn

More birdhouses...

The Redneck Boutique has some more birdhouses for you to chose from.

We are Mcmin County's best place to buy birdhouses. "Possum Holler" General Store, a great birdhouse that will go great in any yard large or small.

The general store will be an attractive place for your birds to build their nest. Slats on roof remove easily with a screw driver to clean out if desired.

On the sides you will find signs, and on the front you will find a large front porch for your birds to sit on or a safe place for landing before going inside. Size is about 8 inches high

Price for this item is.....$20 pick up at shop or call for shipping or local delivery.